New York dog trainer travels to Suffolk and Nassau Counties on Long Island offering obedience training.

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I can address these. He's sorry and won't do it again if he's properly housebroken.


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I offer dog and puppy obedience training for Long Island (including Nassau County and Suffolk County). There are lessons for housebreaking, behavior modification, and problem solving.


I travel from my home in East Setauket, NY to your home to train your dog in your presence. I am the former manager / trainer of Broadway Dog Spa in Hewlett, Long Island.

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I am a volunteering animal handler with Long Island's Pet Safe Coalition. This is a great charitable organization working to ensure that animals are cared for in the event of any possible disaster.

All dogs, like people, need structure in their lives. A dog needs to know just where he or she fits in the family pecking order. Many dogs are confused about just what their roles are and what is expected of them. They may act out by pulling on the leash when they are taken for walks. Have you ever wondered “Who's walking who”?

They may refuse to obey the simplest of commands such as “SIT”. They might grab a shoe or any of your personal items and run around the house daring you to try to get it back. They often will not come when called. They might engage in biting, or chew on the furniture or personal items belonging to the owner. These are just some of the many behavioral problems that can be solved with proper obedience training.

Obedience training lets your dog know just what is expected of him or her. Through positive reinforcement and praise, your dog will learn how to act in ways that will make he or she an ideal family member. Through repetition and a friendly voice, your dog will understand the proper way to walk at your side and to sit and stay when you stop (without any verbal commands). He or she will learn how to stay until you give the release command. “Come” will become a command that the dog will cheerfully respond to. The word “NO” will be understood and behavioral problems will go away. Dogs enjoy obedience training because, finally, that structure that they need so much is now added to their lives. Dogs are eager to please and, with the help of their obedience trainer, they are able to please their owners.

It's a win win. The dog becomes a good dog, confident and happy. An ideal family member who doesn't get yelled at and get in trouble. At the same time, the family members are able to enjoy their dog's company and trust that their dog will not behave badly. Trust is built. Bonding occurs. Walks become fun for both you and your dog. You'll realize that he or she is not bad. The dog was just confused, but not anymore. Your dog will be your best friend and you and your family members will be his or her best friends. Life will be better for all involved. A happy ending and a better life for all.

My hours are flexible, and I am available seven days a week. I have dealt with all breeds and sizes, though to completely grasp the material a puppy should be at least 4 months old. If you're having problems that need to be addressed before this age is reached, please contact me and I can give you some advice and/or set up an in home behavioral consultation (for house breaking, as an example). As an Approved Evaluator of the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam I can also administer the exam and counsel you on the benefits of certification.

A dog gives unconditional love. A dog provides endless amounts of joy. He will make you laugh when nothing else can.

Unfortunately, many puppies and adult dogs which would otherwise make fantastic pets are deprived of proper structure and training. Puppy training is the key to proper adjustment. To ensure that both owner and canine alike get the most out of their mutual relationship, the proper puppy trainer is needed to educate your family. I provide expert obedience training for the entire metropolitan New York area. Please call for more information. You will get follow-up instructions, and I will show you how to work with your dog for a very short amount of time daily to ensure the material is absorbed.

Of course, your dog will graduate with all of the fanfare called for, including a ceremony with diploma (and a little surprise). I take great pride in my graduates.

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As Chairman of the Freedom Run Dog Owners Association , I have worked tirelessly to ensure that owners of dogs in north central Queens will be permitted to exercise their dogs in a safe environment. It is the association's goal to keep Little Bay Park (adjacent to Bayside, NY) beautiful and safe, while balancing the rights and interests of dog owners and local propertyholders.

Our efforts have led to the creation of the Freedom Run Dog Run, for which a grand opening ceremony was held on September 17, 2005. The dog park still thrives, and has become a very popular destination in northern Queens.

As both the former Manager and Trainer of Broadway Dog Spa in Hewlett in Long Island, I have trained and cared for many dogs and developed a regimented system that has proven effective time and time again. Frank Cahill is truly Canine's Best Friend!





AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Started in 1989, CGC is a certification program that is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The Canine Good Citizen Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club. There are not many New York dog trainers approved to administer the exam.


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